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Who is who in the trade of Asian Arowanas

There are many sorts of Asian Arowanas suppliers:

1.     Pure traders - mostly involved in the illegal trade. Most of the time selling fishes at low prices because they cannot vouch for the authenticity of their fishes which mostly come from mixed strains (e.g. a hybrid between Red and Banjar red arowanas (a.k.a yellow-tail arowanas)) or they have been treated with hormones (a Banjar red arowana treated with hormones will look very red when young).

2.    CITES - registered farms that have limited production and buys from other suppliers to pass off as their own-bred fish. Here again, all the hankie-pankie that referred to in 1 above happens here also.

3.     Singapore farms that claims to be CITES-registered. Check their CITES-registration no. and you can uncover their deceit. Such farms are usually not producing any Arowanas of their own yet and get their trading supplies from 2. above. Their deceit will be revealed when the Export Permit shows them as the exporter and the name of another CITES-registered farm as the breeder of the fishes to be exported.

4.     Bona Fide CITES-registered farms like us that sell very own-bred fishes. These farms can vouch for their quality and authenticity. This is most important - after all the Asian Arowana is the most expensive aquarium fish in the world.

Our farm's CITES-registration no. is A-SG-506 and when export Panda Aquatic Centre Pte Ltd's name as the exporter and breeding farm is shown in the CITES Export Permit from Singapore.