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Our Presence at Aquarama 2003

The 8th Aquarama 2003 was held in Singapore from 30 October 2003 to 2 November 2003 at the Singapore Expo Centre in Changi.

Panda Aquatic participated in the Expo and won numerous prizes including the Grand Prize for its prized arowanas. At the Expo the Grand Prize winner (a Panda Red) was sold for an astounding S$68,888 and another arowana was sold for S$48,888. This demonstrated how prized Panda arowanas are valued by collectors.

The next Aquarama 2005 will be held from 26-29 May 2003 at Singapore Expo.

Panda Aquatic Booth at Aquarama 2003

Aquarama 2003 at Singapore Expo

Prizes won by Panda Aquatic at Aquarama 2003